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will have their say and the candidate will the most approved may be mitt romney. here's the latest. >> reporter: primary has been dominated by tight races and more of that drama is surrounding the tuesday primaries in alabama and mississippi. today rick santorum continued to take aim at mitt romney, campaigning in tupelo, mississippi he responded to claims about the romney camp that santorum can't nail down the delegates he needs during the remaining primaries. >> establishment is trying to force a moderate republican from massachusetts down the throats of the american people, and if we have to go to a convention, we'll win the convention. i have no doubt about that. >> reporter: romney, who has no events scheduled today, has more than twice the delegates santorum has at this point in the race. for gingrich, who won south carolina and his home state of georgia, the two upcoming southern primaries could be crucial, and gingrich turned his fire on mitt romney. >> yes, he's the front-runner. he's not a strong front runner. i think after the last primary in june, likely to see a 60-day
. in kansas, rick santorum easily won the caucaus with 51 percent. mitt romney had 21 percent and newt gingrich and ron paul rounding out the field. in wiom -- wioling, mitt romney first and newt gingrich last. including the three u.s. territories where mitt romney did well. here is the latest delegate count. mitt romney 454. santorum 217 and newt gingrich third and paul last. it takes 1144 delegates to clinch the nomination . joining us from birmingham, alabama, a man looking for a strong showing in the south newt gingrich, welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> guest: good to be be back. >> chris: the polls so a surprisingly close race. will you win both? >> guest: i think we will win both. we are campaigning aggressively. you start behind because of romney's money and length of time he's advertising. and you catch up with him when you are campaigning . we have great organizations in both states and in particular in alabama where senate majority leader put together a great state wide organization. i will be campaigning in birmingham and mississippi and campaigning in biloxi and back i
that mitt romney is declared the clear winner. he and ron paul are the only two candidates there on the ballot. >> let's get to the battleground state of ohio. it saw important still up for grabs right now looking like rick santorum with a slight lead right there, only 43% of the precincts reporting. >> also a very important win in tennessee for rick santorum tonight. he came out the clear victor, 39% to mitt romney's 28%. >> if newt gingrich was going to win anything today it was his homestate of gorge forge and he has handily with 49% of the -- of georgia and he has handily with 49% of the votes. >> a clear victory for mitt romney in vermont. >> out west rick santorum has won oklahoma as expected and grabbed 35% of the votes, the closest person there to him mitt romney is 28%. >> there are a few states still counting now. in north dakota 38% of the precincts reporting. it looks like rick santorum with a slight lead. >> let's go right to fox 5's tom fitzgerald keeping a close eye on how super tuesday is playing out. tom? >> this has been a busy night. it's clearly not over
in louisiana. rick santorum came on top . romney 25 percent. romney had 568 halfway to the 1144 needed for the nomination. now to the issues that will defoin the general election between president obama and who ever the republican nominee is. joining us here in the studio is president obama senior advisor david plouffe. welcome to the "fox news sunday". >> guest: thank you. >> chris: during the campaign president obama blamed president bush for the rise of gas prices. let's watch. >> here in ohio you are paying 3.70 for gas because it went down in the last couple of we thinks. two and half times what it costs when george bush took office. >> chris: using that logic how responsible is president obama now for the gas prices since he took office. >> guest: we have gone through it every year. it is more pronounced in the last few years because of increase from china and india. the president said we have to produce oil and natural gas here in this country. production is at an eight year high . triple the rigs in the fields as when the president came to office. but that is only part of the a
and bad news for mitt romney. he continued to pick up delegates. his opponents scored victories. fox 5s tom fitzgerald checked the returns into the newsroom and, tom, i guess the question is, at least mine, mitt romney wins michigan. it was a must win he did and wins ohio with a must win he did and trying to figure out if this is a media-driven story line at this point? >> reporter: it's a mixed bag for mitt romney. there is some good things and bad things, depending on how you look at it and in a better position today. the same time things didn't go perfectly for mitt romney on supertuesday. he lost tennessee, barely won ohio and, tonight, while romney has more delegates than anyone else, he's facing more battles ahead as his opponents show no sign of quitting this race. >> what a great night. >> reporter: the wednesday after super tuesday, mitt romney has a lot to celebrate. but his goal of locking up the nomination is still unfulfilled. >> and your support really means everything and i'm not going let you down. gym iting -- i'm going get the nomination. >> reporter: mitt romney won s
on fox 5 morning news. >> governor romney has called the president of united states out of touch. out of touch? romney? romney? . >> vice president biden with some sharp criticism of mitt romney but romney about is to pick i'm key endorsement. we'll have that coming up next -- to pick up a key endorsement. we'll have that coming up. >>> it will be breezy out there and cooler than yesterday. i'm have the details on the forecast and julie wright has a look at the traffic right after the break. q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.  you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. . >>> come on, everybody. earl scruggs, famous for his disckive bang owe style, has died. he pipe eared the five-string bang owe. >> he is credited with creating
at 6 >> bret: i am bret baier in for chris wallace. mitt romney looks to lock up the nomination. but many key tests remain. we'll talk with the gop front runner about the edge and get insight to do his policy solutions for america. mitt romney, a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then actor george clooney brings awareness of a war-torn region and he opens up about what he saw in sudan and how people need help. chris wallace sits down with george cleann. and the preponderance and vice-president hit the campaign trail hard. we ask our panelist if the timing is right for the white house to wrapp up election efforts. and how the candidates are looking for delegates. all now on "fox news sunday". hello, again, from fox news in washington. it is a busy campaign weekend, missouri continues the process of select being delegates and puerto rico votes on tuesday. -- today. joining us is mitt romney. governor, welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> guest: thanks, bret, goodbe . >> bret: tensions in the u.s. and afghanistan are high at this point. afghan president karzai accused the u.s. of tone
. >> and in is going to be something mitt romney might love and reflects the wrong priorities for the country. >> reporter: these republican budget is expected to pass through the house. since democrats control the senate, there is almost no chance that it will survive there, which will set up, of course, another round of short- term spending plans, standoffs and, of course, brian, we'll have to see if both sides can work out another budget deal. >> all right, tom fitzgerald. >>> illinois voters head to the polls today in the latest republic primary and things are heated between the two republican candidates fighting for the top spots. 54 delegates up for grabs and 69 being awarded to the winner. mitt romney and santorum chris crossed the state trying to pick up last-minute votes. >> and one of the people who is running also for the republican nomination today said that he doesn't care about the unemployment rate. that doesn't bother him. i do care. it does bother me. >> the unsuccessful -- in the state of massachusetts is one of the worst job creators in the four yearings he was governor. >>
eyes are on super tuesday. washington state headline its caucaus on saturday. mitt romney won 38 percent. ron paul 25 percent. and rick santorum was chose behind at 24 . newt gingrich was last. on tuesday 10 states are up with more delegates at take than all contests combined up to now. joining us from tennessee is former senator rick santorum. welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> guest: thank you, chris, good to be with you. >> chris: good to be with you, sir. ohio is the biggest prize on tuesday and seems tailor made for you. blue collar and manufacturing and lots of rural areas and big evangelical vote. don't you have to win there, sir? >> guest: we are going to do very, very well there. it is a tough state because of the fact money disadvantage, but we have a great grass roots campaign and we are hanging in there and we feel confident that woo - we will do well it is harder when you have two conservative candidates running in the race as we have seen in washington and the other states . we have the anti-romney vote if you will. both newt gingrich and i are slugging away. we
. >>> candidates piling on mitt romney after someone from his own camp on a cable network station. we'll explain as we continue. >> dense fog advisory in the area. i'll have details on the weather forecast and julie has a look at your traffic. some fog developing out there.  [ female announcer ] off limits? not anymore. fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, you can have brownies again. ♪ fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. . >>> welcome back. you can kind of see something out thrashings few lights. a little difficult though. >> what happened to wisconsin avenue? >> fog is out there again, folks. we were dealing with it yesterday. so just kind of remind yourself as you head out today. -- we can kind of see something out there, a few lights. >> it was 6:00 when the sun finally came out. >> it was beautiful from 6:00 to 7:00. >> you need to hold that big bright tie out there. >> i'll do the best i can. sarah
fox poll shows mitt romney is still the favorite amongst republicans and doesn't fair well when matched up with president obama. >> reporter: fox news interviewing 912 randomly chose enregistered voters nationwide. the support for mitt romney and rick santorum gaining steam as newt gingrich and ron paul are falling behind. santorum said he could defeat romney if the gingrich drowned out. the polls suggest that may not be true. if gingrich and paulern out of the race, romney still maintains a narrow 5-point edge over santorum. >> i'm not asking newt gingrich to do anything. i'm asking conservatives to give us a good chance. >> reporter: polls show that bickering is hurting the republican party, not helping it and romney said they're -- for a faceoff with president obama. >> he's going to be attacking whoever the nominee and is and a non-stop basis and that is good to get your skin toughened up a bit. >> reporter: 61% disapprove of president obama's handling of the rising gas prices. yeah, when asked about the economy, almost 60% say they see signs of it turning around. >> our eco
of the four candidates, mitt romney and ron paul. >> and there is one person on the ballot who can change the country. >> reporter: in arlington county, 70 of the more than 2600 active voters at this polling place on wilson boulevard had cast a ballot. >> and in general, i think ron paul's message of liberty, you know s on fiscal issues and conservative issues and that is what is gets motion out here and voting. >> reporter: she's shot not surprised that turnout could be as low as 10% today. >> too many debates and i think the public is tired of the repetition, bitterness in and deception. i don't think it's healthy. >> reporter: it's not much of a race here. >> it would be one thing if romney and santorum were on the ballot but romney and paul, not much of a choice and most show romney with a lead of more than 40 points. >> reporter: he's a director of public policy at george mason university and said that virginia will play a bigger role in the general election. >> president obama won in virginia, the first democrat to do so in almost two generations. you come back four years later and
and the district head to the polls. mitt romney holds a substantial lead in delegates and he'll likely pad his lead next week, but even if romney wins maryland, political observers say he'll face an uphill battle in this blue state come november. >> mitt romney is going to do well tuesday in maryland. he's going to win most of those delegates, but that will not translate to a mitt romney win in maryland in november. that is far less likely. >> the voters in wisconsin will also be heading to the polls tuesday. rick santorum and newt gingrich were in the dairy state today trying to win over undecided voters. >>> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us now to talk about next week's primary. thank you for being here. mitt romney has not locked up the republican nomination. will his expected win in maryland finally do it? >> no. in wisconsin if he should win, i think the chorus will increase to the other candidates look, you can't win. gingrich won in georgia and south carolina and santorum won in southern states but didn't win anywhere else and romney is the presumptive nominee. so wisconsin will
republican presidential candidates are drumming up votes in wisconsin ahead of tuesday's primary. mitt romney is heeding the pack as he picks the numb -- leading the pack as he picks the number of high profile endorsements. >> reporter: add influential and conservative paul ryan. >> what we need is mitt romney to be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: ryan's support could help romney beyond wisconsin which holds its primary with d.c. and maryland tuesday. he turned up the heat on romney's rivals to step aside. >> i think we're entering a phase where it could become counterproductive if this drags on much longer. so that's why i think we need to coalesce as conservatives around mitt romney and focus on the big dark at hand. >> reporter: the latest marist poll has romney leading santorum by seven points. roll film has more than half the 1,100 -- romney has more than half the 1,144 delegates needed for the nomination double that of santorum. >> we need someone who can talk and relate to them, who maybe doesn't talk about, you know, being the ceo of a company and having, you
and a statistical dead heat between the front runners, mitt romney and rick santorum. well, we'll keep an eye on it as well as tom fitzgerald in the next half hour down in the newsroom with the latest. >> what a night. when you consider mitt romney is fighting to be the republican nominee, at this point mitt romney has still not won a primary in a southern state for the republicans. tonight he hoped to do that in tennessee. rick santorum instead ensured that will not happen and as you saw just now with ohio still in flux here, romney is under pressure to win the buckeye state or face a whole new round of questions about how strong a nominee he would be for this party. let's look at some of the other numbers starting with our race in virginia tonight. mitt romney winning in a two- man race 59% to ron paul's 41%. remember, the other candidates were not on the ballots tonight in virginia. moving over to tennessee, that was a big win for rick santorum. romney really wanted this one. rick santorum is ahead tonight 38% over mitt romney, a big win for rick santorum, keeps his momentum
it for romney and santorum, locked in a fierce battle the outcome of ohio could make or break their campaign. >> people of ohio you all know this is the biggest prize on super tuesday >> i need your vote get out and vote as many times as they let you. >> romney has spent the past few days playing up his business experience in ohio where unemployment is lower than the national average but still significant. he is also hoping to convince voters he is the most electable against president obama in the fall an argument that res nates with republicans. >>> i have been going back and forth quite a bit i was looking at rick santorum but mitt romney has the best chance of winning the presidency >> still other ohio voters are not convinced. romney has struggled to win over conservatives who win over the party's face and consider social values their key issue with republicans like smith, santorum has the clear advantage. >> i like his values, i think he is a moral man i think the morals in america had just gone down to sewer. >>> he comes from neighboring pennsylvania, had been leading romney in ohio
>>> five more contests decided in the race for republican nomination. why both romney and santorum are claiming victory. >> one step forward in a push to replace harry thomas junior, residents in ward 5 hold their first vote. >>> and it is the talk of the town red skins make the trade to move up in the draft and grab rg 3. reaction coming up good morning welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. melanie is off this morning. coming up also we will tell you about a world renowned music photographer, bringing up his craft make sure you see our interview with him coming up. >>> first, our top story dc police on the scene of a shooting it happened 6:30 a.m. inside an i hop rest rand, 14th and irving -- restaurant 14th and irving northwest. one man was shot in the chest no word on suspects. irving street is closed in the area until further investigation. >>> rick santorum getting 51% of the votes romney has a distant second place with 21%, romney picked audio tape victory in wyoming, 44% of the votes as well as smaller one in the u.s. virgin islands, guam and northern mariana islands. romney
and mitt romney running neck and neck in the buckeye state. both continue to fight for every possible vote knowing the outcome could reshape the republican presidential race actually preview of today's contests straight ahead. >>> president barack obama stealing some of the limelight away from the gop. come this afternoon, all eyes will shift to the white house. >> it made me scared to ride the bus and be with some teenagers. why would they pick on fifth graders. why would they mess with me. >> this young girl shares her frightening experience on a metrobus that landed her in the hospital. fox 5's morning news at 7:00 starts right now. right now. >>> there is a live look outside from our tower cam. not a bad-looking start to the day. it is cold outside but it is a pretty start. good morning, everybody. i'm tony perkins. i'm allison seymour. >> happy you are with us on this tuesday morning. tucker barnes has a look at the forecast. forecast. >> bundle up as you head out the door. should be a nice day, lots of sunshine expected and a nice warming trend over the next several days. let's get g
authentic freedom. >>> the battle for the republic can nomination rages on while mitt romney's challengers try to desperately take down the frontrunner. james rosen with the latest from the campaign trail. >> joe biden. >> reporter: campaigning at an engineering firm in iowa, vice president biden unleashed a scorching attack on mitt romney casting the gop frontrunner as an enemy of american manufacturing. >> as governor of massachusetts repeatedly slashed funding for workforce training in manufacturing specifically. our tax cuts go to companies that create jobs over here. the romney tax cut goes to companies that create jobs overseas. >> reporter: biden also focused on romney's tenure at bayne capital reviving the line of attack used by a time for romney gop rivals and the vice president also made use of mockery. >> governor romney called the president of the united states out of touch. out of touch, romney? [ laughter ] >> reporter: the romney campaign shot back with a statement arguing that under mr. biden's boss 800,000 fewer americans have jobs. earlier romney had courted wisconsin
5 on time traffic. >>> it is the morning after super tuesday of course, and mitt romney has reason to celebrate he won six of the sen states up for grabs. most of romney's victories were strong but just squeaked out a win over santorum in all important ohio. romney got 38% to santorum's 37%. it is another sign the republican race is not yet a done deal jennifer davis has our top story. >>> mitt romney was the night's biggest winner this republican race for the white house is far from over. it was in fact a super tuesday for mitt romney he won 6 out of 10 contests virginia, vermont, idaho, alaska his home state of massachusetts and pulled out a nail biter of a win in ohio. >> november 6th we are going to stand united not only having won an election, but having saved a future. >> he is not there yet romney did solidify his lead in the romney race. santorum had a strong night winning tennessee, oklahoma, and north dakota. >>> we are going to get at least a couple gold medals and a whole bunch of silver medals. >>> newt gingrich won his home state of georgia. he said it is a start of a
bringing them closer to facing off with president obama in november. >> reporter: mitt romney greeting supporters in ohio in a town hall campaign event hoping to cash in on his momentum after five straight victories, pushing his message of wanting to improve the economy. >> this is the best place for entrepreneurs, innovators, because i want more good jobs i want rising incomes again that is what it is all about. >> rick santorum campaigning in the buckeye state the two are polling in a practical dead heat santorum trying to garner votes and gain the advantage. >> this is an opportunity for ohio to stand up for values that made this country great. >> hoping to wrestle away conservative vote from newt gingrich on fox news sunday, santorum suggested the presence of the former speaker is splitting the conservative vote and holding him back. gingrich enjoying a double digit lead in his home state of georgia say poll numbers and supporters are growing in other states. >> the poll came out in tennessee we gained 17 points in a week. >> reporter: meanwhile ron paul is hoping one or more of th
>> santorum sweep in the deep south as he breathes new life into his campaign mitt romney is still the man to beat. >>> plus an all day man hunt for a murder suspect ends in a rockville neighbourhood. what police say led a man to shoot his estranged wife and leave her for dead during morning rush hour. >>> new cloud hanging over the dc council involving possible campaign violations why federal subpoenas went out to a number of elected officials fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. >>> all right there you go, there is the start to your day this wednesday march 14th, it is going to be a spectacular day, it is amazing how quickly we have seemed to move right into a very pleasant string i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour it is right on time. >> it is pretty early. >> it might be early but it is right on time tucker barnes is back with us good to see you good morning. >> good morning everybody. yeah, if you enjoy temperatures about 25 degrees above normal you will love the afternoon forecast as we feature more warm temperatures. regan national, comfortable, 56 degrees. 50 dulles,
, northbound 5 at brandy wine. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> thanks julie mitt romney tops up another big win in the race for the presidential nomination he was a clear favorite for republicans in tuesday's primary yesterday after his big win he sent out an e-mail urging others to fall in line behind his bid. doug luzader joins us with a closer look at resulta look ahead. >> reporter: mitt romney leaves illinois with more than 40 delegates one big step closer to winning the nomination. >> what a night. thank you illinois. what a night. wow. >> reporter: it was a big night for mitt romney, his win in illinois was decisive, his support among republican voters there 47% that is a 12 point margin over rick santorum because ron paul and newt gingrich barely competed in illinois for santorum this was a critical day the closest he could come to a one on one with romney even after the loss is looking ahead. >> we will head to louisiana from here feeling very very good about winning louisiana on saturday i might add. >> reporter: the romney win did not come cheap he and his allies s
to represent d.c. the remaining ballots will be counted monday evening. >>> mitt romney picks up a high profile endorsement and we're looking ahead to super tuesday. >>> and later he photographed soldiers on leave from the war. tonight he talks about his up close and personal encounters with nascar's biggest names. >>> tonight on the news edge at 11:00 all those parking tickets add up. you may be shocked to learn just how much money d.c. has made off drivers last year. >>> a reminder here, you have a story idea, you can call the fox 5 tip line. the number on your screen 202- 895-3000. you can also send us an e-mail to fox5tips at back in a minute.   . >> closed captioning on the fox 5 news edge at 6:00 brought to you by the southern maryland hospital center.  >>> if you feel like gas prices go up every day, you're right. the national average is up eight cents a gallon from a week ago. drivers in d.c. are currently paying $3.87 a gallon. it is 3.71 in maryland and 3.64 in virginia. >>> on to the campaign trail now, it's the day the presidential
are watching ohio as the critical state. mitt romney said today he believes if he can win ohio, can he win the nomination. greeting supporters in ohio at a town hall campaign event mitt romney hopes to catch in on his momentum. >> this is the best place again for entrepreneurs and innovators and job creators because i want more good jobs and i want rising incomes again. that's what it's all about. >> reporter: rick santorum also campaigning in the buckeye state once had a comfortable lead here, but going into super tuesday he and romney are polling in a practical dead heat. >> this is an opportunity for ohio to stand up for the values that made this country great. >> reporter: santorum is also hoping to wrestle away some conservative vote from newt gingrich. meantime gingrich is enjoying a double digit lead in his homestate of georgia and says the poll numbers and of supporters are growing in other states -- and supporters are growing in other states as well. >> the poll came out in tennessee saying we are surging and gained 17 points in a week. >> reporter: ron paul hopes one or more o
students. >> a big day on the campaign trail for both rick santorum and mitt romney manages to hold on to a commanding lead in the delegate race. romney picks up a victory in wyoming with 100% reporting, taking 53% of the vote with 33% for santorum. santorum has a big win in kansas set to take home most of the state's 40 delegates. he takes 52% of the votes. romney takes 21% and mitt romney wince the caucuses in guam and the northern mariannea elands. no results from the virgin islands. alicia has more reaction from wichita. >> reporter: conservative voters in the heartland handing a victory to rick santorum in kansas. easily wing the caucuses there and taking a shot at mitt romney. >> we're not elect a ceo but a commander in chief and there is one person with experience on that. >> reporter: the latest numbers from "the associated press" show he got 51% of the vote and mitt romney came in sec with 14%, and ron paul 14%. santorum's rivals skipping kansas instead focusing on alabama and mississippi. newt gingrich banking on at least one of those as a win and mitt romney picking up a
mitt romney and ron paul are on the ballot and georgia where newt gingrich insists he has to win and the all important swing state of ohio, but as fox 5's karen gray houston explains even that state is a toss-up. >> reporter: it's often said for a glimpse into the way the political winds are blowing you don't need to look much further than ohio. with its demographic makeup of small towns, big cities, suburbs, it's in many ways a microcosm of america. >> you think of almost every voter group in the republican party, they're represented well here, social conservatives and tea partyism, kind of a tradition of moderate republicanism, business republicanism, so forth, it's all here. >> reporter: with its 66 delegates ohio is considered the biggest prize of super tuesday. though they don't readily admit it, for mitt romney and rick santorum locked in a fierce battle here, the outcome of ohio could make or break their campaigns. >> the people of ohio, you all know this is the biggest prize on super tuesday. >> i need your vote, get out and vote as many times as they let you. [ laughte
like to you be, and we're doing the appropriate things for the campaign. >> and mitt romney spent the day with jay leno. rick santorum in wisconsin and ron paul is preparing for a town hall at the university of maryland and representative paul joins us live from college park. good to so you tonight. i would ask you the same question put to newt gingrich today. has reality sunk in, perhaps w your campaign given the number of delegates and what a lot of people would think would be a lack of momentum? >> it's not over until someone wins. we're still in the race, and the delegates haven't been counted in a lot of states where we have had some straw votes in. the delegate count doesn't always reflect the straw votes and we're interested. >> are you hoping for a brokered convention? >> that would help us. romney is so far ahead at the moment. a brokered convention is a possibility, the first time they considered it in many, many years, and people try to say it's terrible. you can debate the issues and that is what i'm interested in. >> and perhaps a lot of people would wonder how at thi
found themselves talking about a toy. >> what a night. >> good news and bad news for mitt romney after winning the illinois primary he snagged a coveted endorsement from former florida governor jeb bush but his communications director suggested his strategy may start with a new slate when and if he wins the nomination just like an etch a sketch. >> you are not looking for someone who is the etch a sketch candidate you are looking for someone who writes what they believe in, in stone and stay true to what they say. >> romney was quickly on damage control. >> i will be running as a conservative republican nominee, the policies and position. >> he is diffusing what are becoming big campaign issues, energy and gas prices he toured a solar power plant, today he will announce a keystone pipeline in oklahoma, something republicans have been demanding. >> since we are going to end our dependence on foreign oil we have to develop every single source of american energy. >>> ublicans will no doubt ask for more tony. >> thank you very much. >> it is 7:10 a.m. on a thursday morning. still ahead con
. >>> another win for mitt romney. just over five months out from the republican national convention, he racks up another large chunk of delegates. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. >>> good morning. i'm sarah simmons i'm will thomas. that was a big change from even 15 minutes ago where we couldn't see the cars. roads looked like runways. >> looking better but here what is is happening. the fog is on the move. it is actually just pushing up to the north and west. >> so we just got lucky with that shot. >> good news there but we are anot done with the fog quite yet. we'll get the sun out and mick up the atmosphere and then we'll get rid of the fog. visibilities all over the place. this you go. you can see that dense fog starting to lift off to the north and to the west. it looks like it is just west of 270 here now getting into virginia out toward leesburg. the darker colors indicating the reduced visibilities there. your yellow and oranges indicating some visibilities here about a quarter mile or less. out toward leesburg and reston. the fog is becoming thicker for you. here
tuesday turned into a super night for gop hopeful mitt romney. he wrapped up another six victories including massachusetts and the most critical contest, ohio. >> meantime, ron paul finished super tuesday without a single victory. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. >>> let's say good morning to tucker barnes. >> we're relatively mild. kind of cool, kind of mild temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. either way, it is warmer than it was 24 hours ago. the temperatures will be a good 10 to 15 degrees above normal and we should be nice and dry this afternoon. so it will be one of those days we look forward to all winter. there is your radar. we have just a few clouds out into west virginia and western portions of virginia. it won't be a perfectly sunny day today but it should be mostly sunny and this is the leading -- this is the warmer air starting to get into the area. with winds out of the south and west today, our temperatures will get a chance to really jump later this afternoon. right now at reagan national, 41 degrees. humidity, 57%. a little bit of a br
tuesday. mitt romney can claim victory in six states including a crucial but close win in ohio. we will have a look at all the results its. >>> health officials dressed in biohazard suits collecting samples fry maryland moment after three member of the same family die from a respiratory illness. we'll have the latest on the investigation. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> straight up 6:00 right now. take a look at the gorgeous sunrise out there. we have had a couple of these. three days in a row it looks like right now. it is wednesday, march 7th. good morning. >> i'm will thomas. it is a big departure from the last couple of days. no snow flurries, no coats first thing in the morning. i think tucker you will find no one is complaining about it. >> they isn't be. >> maybe the polar bears over at the national zoo. it is going to be gorgeous. that is the word of the day, gorgeous. >> not talking about you two. >> oh, darn. i thought you were talking about us. >> i can't believe it. >> let me mention that later today, our temperatures will be in the 60s after overnight lows
romney in louisiana over the weekend but is still battling to overcome the sense of inevitability that romney will be the nominee. meanwhile the long drawn out campaign appears to be pushing some of the candidates to their boiling point. >> reporter: the pressure is on as gop presidential hopeful mitt romney lashes out at a reporter on the campaign trail. santorum called rival mitt romney, "the worst republican in the country to go up against barack obama." the former pennsylvania senator later said he meant romney can't stand up to obama on healthcare. his temper flared during a confrontation with a new york times recorder. >> to run against barack obama on the issue of healthcare oned the blueprint. i've been saying it in every speech. quit distorting my words. ing m if i see it, it's bull [ bleep ]. >> reporter: as the supreme court reviews president obama's healthcare law, romney tries to distance himself from the bill largely fashioned after the one he passed while governor of massachusetts. >> there are a lot of reasons not to like obamacare. my colleagues the other day li
romney will eventually become the nominee. the long, drawn-out cam pawn appears to be pushing some of the candidates no their boiling point. >> reporter: the pressure is on as rick santorum lashes out at a reporter on the campaign trail. santorum calling rival mitt romney, quote, the worst republican in the country to go up against barack obama. the former pennsylvania senator later saying he meant romney can't stand up to obama on health care. his temperature pear flaring during a confrontation way "new york times" reporter. juror to run against obama on the issue of health care because he fashioned the blueprint. i've been saying it in every speech. quit distorting my words. if i see it, it is bull -- >> reporter: rome me tries to distance himself from the health care bill. >> there are a lot of reasons not to like obamacare. my colleagues listed a whole series of them. there were about 30 things. i chuckled as i looked down just shaking my head at the things it is doing. >> reporter: santorum continues attacking romney though his chances of closing the gap grow slimmer by the da
for having me. >>> >>> and not to the cam pain trail where mitt romney is trying to wrap up the gop presidential nomination and there is some signs the fight might be causing some to reach their boiling point. >> reporter: the pressure is on as rick santorum -- santorum lashes out at a reporter on the campaign trail and calling mitt romney, quote, the worst republican in the country to go up against barack obama. the former pennsylvania senator later saying that he meant romney can't stand up to obama on healthcare. his temper flaring during a confrontation with a "new york times" reporter. >> gabs barack obama. and he fashioned the blueprint. and i have been saying that every speech. if i see it, it's -- [ bleep ] >> reporter: as the supreme court reviews president obama's healthcare law, romney tries to distance himself from the bill. largely fashioned after the one he passed while governor of massachusetts. >> and there are a lot of reasons not to like obama care. my colleagues the other day listed a series of them, about 30 things. i chuckled that and shaking my head. among them
another win for mitt romney. he easily won a double digit victory in the washington state caucuses. romney now has 185 delegates. it takes 1,144 delegates to win the republican nomination. >>> up next super tuesday, 437 delegates at stake in 10 states including virginia where only mitt romney and ron paul are on the ballot the other two candidates failed to qualify as shannon reports, that leaves a lot of virginians feeling left out. >> reporter: some virginia votes don't think next tuesday will be so super. that is because their ballots will offer them only two choices mitt romney and ron paul. >> i'm upset feel like my choices have been limited. >>> it takes away people we can choose from. >> why does virginia have it so tight we only have two people. >> reporter: who is to blame the candidates not able to navigate the gop intricate qualification rules or the party. >> we went back and looked over two decadenever had an issue of a candidate not submitting the necessary required signatures it is unfortunate but only two campaigns reached the legal threshold. >> several gop primary contend
? >> and that is good news. thank you. >>> >>> it's the biggest day on the primary calendar. supertuesday. mitt romney is looking to become the definitive front runner and keep the race between him and rick santorum going. virginia is one of 10 supertuesday states where voters will wrap things up or keep it running strong through the spring and what are you watching for? >> reporter: it's a busy night and let's start in virginia. and that is where mitt romney is expected to do well tonight and has a loot to do with the fact that it's a two-man race. rick santorum and newt gingrich are not on the ballot in virginia and that is because they're not equal tied to do so. across the country,ly week -- we look to ohio and that is drawing a lot of attention. keep in mind, no republican has win the presidency without winning ohio and that is important. and rick santorum and mitt romney are hitting each other back and forth with non-stop tv ads and santorum did very well in the midwest and a victor could seriously damage romney's campaign. but, you know, looking down south, though, newt gingrich is looking for
if bale suffers from ptsd. >>> the latest from the campaign trail. mitt romney won puerto rico's primary over the weekend. he claimed victory with more than 50% of the vote. and now contenders are focus on illinois. romney's win in puerto rico means he winds all 20 delegates. with the win in puerto rico, romney has pulled further ahead in the delegate count. the associated press reports he has 521, rick santorum, 253. newt gingrich in third with 135. and ron paul with 50. >>> other top stories, police are on the hunt for a suspect involved in a deadly stabbing yet morning at that time library bar on 12th street. according to police, a man in his 30s was stabbed inside the nightclub. he later died at the hospital. the police chief is reviewing a request to issue a club closure while the investigation continues. >>> dc residents and city leaders are outraged after the violent attacks targeting gay and transgendered victims. friends are planning to march to raise awareness to what police are calling hate crimes two. gay men and a transgendered women were hurt. so far, police have not made a
for newt gingrich to step aside saying a head to head contest between himself and romney should happen sooner rather than later. gingrich predicts he will win tomorrow's primaries he is calling romney the weakest gop front runner a ventry a win for romney -- century a win for romney could all but close out the nominating process. >>> an issue to play out in the polls is gas prices the cost of a gallon is up 12¢ over the past 2 weeks while some suggest president barack obama may be responsible for the high fuel costs others say that is not the case. >>> the president has been president because the gasoline doubled not exactly what he might have hoped for he says it is not my fault. >> gas prices fluctuate under every president they were over $4 a gallon under president bush not far before he left office these things go up and down regardless of party and president there is only so much a president can do. >> some experts say there is a chance prices could fall due in part to relatively soft consumer demand and increase in supply. >>> it is 7:09 a.m. on this monday morning check your ti
romney should be worried. >>> and why questions are being raised about the d.c. fire chief's record. gary. >>> how does it get better than today? the temperatures into the upper 60s. and are we going to get warmer for tomorrow? first look at the forecast coming up. stay with us. fox 5 news at five rolls on.  . >> mitt romney said he's prepared to fight all of the way to the republican national convention and won six of the states up for grabs last night and hasn't closed the deal. rick santorum continues to score wins and delegates and tom, romney hasn't delivered the punch. >> reporter: the loss in tennessee last night and the victory in ohio by 1% and that made it clear that he has a lot of work to do in winning over the republican voters and romney is far ahead in the race for convention delegates and despite losing four states, his campaign insists that it's the only one with enough money, enough organization to go up against president obama in the fall. the "associated press" tally seems to back that up and showing mitt romney with 415 delegates and santorum's 176. and he pledged
at 10:00. >> sums up his campaign so far. some good news and bad news for mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor continued to pick up delegates. but his opponents, rick santorum, did too. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> what a great night. >> wednesday after supertuesday, mitt romney has a lot to celebrate. but his goal of locking up the nomination is still unfulfilled. >> your support means everything to ann and me and i'm not going to let you down. i'm going to get this nomination. >> mitt romney won six of the ten supertuesday states including virginia. but rick santorum won tennessee and oklahoma and only lost ohio by 1%. >> this was a big night tonight. lots of states. we're going to win a few, we're going to lose a few. >> newt gingrich won his home state of georgia and once again, aimed a election night speech right at mitt romney. >> i don't believe the romney technique of outspending your opponent four or five to one with negative ads will work against barack obama. >> for his part, ron paul meanwhile, still has not won a single state. >> the amer
romney's stint in the windy city he jetted off to puerto rico where the primary is sunday. >> i want to use the experience i've had in the business world to help create more jobs, to bring good jobs to port rick oath. >> reporter: romney leads in the overall -- port rick open. >> reporter: romney leads in the overall dell -- puerto rico. >> reporter: romney leads in the overall delegate count. >> i still think we have a chance of winning illinois even though we're being outspent. >> reporter: analysts say santorum trails romney by at least nine points in illinois, but the race is much closer when voters are asked about a race without newt gingrich. the former house speaker is focusing on louisiana where the vote is next weekend. >> when i look at the gulf, i see energy, i see tourism and i see seafood. >> reporter: texas congressman ron paul is also battling for his share of delegates. >> the vote in illinois is tuesday. if i was to stop in atlanta this evening, president obama is also headlining five fundraisers. >>> it was a southern primary sweep for gop hopeful rick santorum
is also campaigning in puerto rico. >>> santorum did not get on all the county ballots mitt romney is leading in the polls. >>> in illinois, the political landscape seems to favour mitt romney. >> demographics of the republican vote are more moderate and also higher income and white collar. >> the only public poll this year on the illinois primary has the contest between romney and santorum, within the margin of error with almost half of those surveyed saying they could change their minds. >> i think it is a neck and neck race very close running stronger, you know, in suburbs and down state and governor romney running a little better in the city of chicago. >>> once again santorum will be handicapped in the delegate chase ineligible for ten delegates because no slates were submitted for four congressional districts most of santorum's illinois delegates failed to collect the minimum number of signatures. >> way short 100 in an entier congressional district i have a problem with the process, they were woefully short in most of the districts. >> state gop chairman adds with pressure c
, the latest round in the fight for the republican presidential nomination delegate leader mitt romney is ahead in most polls and a lack of campaign organization has his biggest rival, rick santorum going into today's prime mare at a disadd -- primary at a disadvantage. >> this will be a real test for the romney come pain today they are -- campaign today they are hoping to pile on more delegates in what has become a protracted battle. mitt romney has a lot riding on illinois today, he is not yet the nominee but more and more he is playing the part going after president obama. >> he is out of ideas out of excuses in 2012 we got to make sure he is out of office. >> rick santorum is romney's biggest threat even though recent polls show him lagging. romney has vastly out spent everyone in illinois, 7-1 advantage over santorum alone. >> we've seen in the past elections that money just doesn't buy elections and if it did you know, mitt romney would have sewed up this nomination a long time ago he has been out spending the candidates 5, 6, 7, 8, 10-1 and not winning the election. >> santorum has anoth
. >> in the race for the republican nomination mitt romney takes ohio but not without sharing the super tuesday spotlight romney won the states you will see on this map in red, those states include ohio, idaho, virginia, vermont and massachusetts, rick santorum took the states of north dakota, oklahoma, tennessee, newt gingrich took the patch state ron paul went home empty -- peach state, ron paul went home empty handed. >> newt gingrich has 105, ron paul 47, 1,144 delegates are needed to secure the gop nomination joining us now to talk about results is john, political editor human events newspaper thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me tony. >> what happened last night let's start with ohio romney weeks out a win by 1%, of the vote but i would assume for romney's people a win is a win. >> a win is a win and i think very much as the late senator george achen of vermont said about the u.s. in vietnam he should declare a vickty and get out of super tuesday and move on. rick santorum did not file a full slate of delegates in the buckeye state so mitt romney came away with the gold from ohio
romney and santorum have an edge across the country. and thank you for being with us. how important are the primaries? >> reporter: definitely important when you talking about alabama and mississippi, not just because of the delegates, 50 up for grabs in alabama and 40 in mississippi and there is a lot to win and lose tonight, from mitt romney, there is a lot do togain and picking up the deep southern state. picking up alabama or mississippi or getting a large portion of those gel delegates and that is giving him more momentum and credibility. newt gingrich staked his entire campaign on the southern strategy and is banking on mississippi and alabama. losing those states there could put a damp or his vow to go through august. rick santorum hopes newt gingrich will bow out to become the conservative alternative to mitt romney and ron paul is focusing on the caucus in hawaii this evening. >> romney needs to win because he hasn't won any of the southern states. >> and he needs this, to nip that in the bud, the whole you can't win over the conservative base of the republican party and th
swing state of ohio where romney has been gaining steam on rick santorum. >>> thwarting iran's nuclear ambition. that was the focus of three hours of talk between president obama and the israeli prime minister. >> president obama says he wants to give diplomacy more time. netanyahu defended israel's right to remain master of its fate. we have a report. >> reporter: in his previous washington visits, benjamin netanyahu had clashed with president obama on the palestiniand israel's borders. >> i want to welcome prime minister netanyahu. >> this time, iran is center stage. the president said his preferred course is diplomacy. >> i reserve all options and my policy here is not going to be one of containment. my one is prevention of iran obtaining nuclear weapons. >> reporter: but looking directly at the president, the prime minister said, if iran is close to obtaining nuclear weapons, israel will take actions. >> to defend itself by itself against any threat and that, when it comes to israel's security, israel has the right, the soft right, to make its own decision. >> reporter: the meeting
this day making one final push for votes. frontrunner mitt romney is trying to show he can win in the deep south and blunt criticism that he can't win over conservative voters. >> it's important that we get a republican in the white house and get this country back on track with good jobs and a bright future and i intend to be that republican. >> rick santorum who is leading in recent polls in the bayou state talked about energy policy today. so did rival newt gingrich. gingrich has only won two states and is hoping for an upset win in louisiana. >>> it's a story the entire country is talking about, the death of trayvon martin. the head of the washington branch of the naacp joins us to share his views coming up. >> plus the lawyer for the soldier accused of going on a deadly rampage in afghanistan says the government will have a tough time proving its case. find out why next. >> and if you see a story you think we should look into, send your news tips to us to fox5tips at or call 202-895-3000. chils $20 dinner for two has a bold new favorite -- steak. first, share an appetizer, the
. >>> a news alert from the campaign trail tonight. mitt romney won the illinois republican presidential primary beating out rival rick santorum in the big state contest. romney carried a significant lead over santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul. you can see the numbers with about 81% of the precincts reporting, 48% of his vote. in his victory speech romney came out swinging against president obama's energy policies. >> under this president bureaucrats prevent drilling rigs from going to work in the gulf and keep coal from being mined and impede the reliable supply of natural gas and tell farmers what their kids can do on their farms. this administration's assault on freedom has kept this so- called recovery from meeting their projections, let alone our expectations. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us now. mitt romney will say i can win in the midwest, right? i won michigan and illinois. >> yeah, absolutely. that's where the election is supposed to be decided in the rust belt and can he say look, did i well in all segments -- i did well in awing segments of all these diffe
in the rest of the super tuesday states. again, 419 delegates in 10 states. right now, romney is in first place with 203 delegates. rick santorum has 92 delegates. newt gingrich has 33 delegates and ron paul has 25 so it could definitely be a big day for whoever is able to perhaps take a sweep here. mitt romney and rick santorum are zeroing in on ohio. it's blue collar bell weather state for the republican primary. both men are in a dead heat there. newt gingrich knows he has to win in his adopted home state of georgia and ron paul, of course, he is looking north. he is looking to the caucus states and he is looking to alaska to try to secure his first primary win. >> other people in this race have debated about the economy. they've read about the economy. they've talked about it in sub committee meetings but of a actually been in it. of a worked in business. one of the most basic issues in this campaign is trust. can you trust someone when they principled conservative. >> i will challenge the other three candidates to join me in either mississippi or alabama for a debate next week. i don
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